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Founding director Paul Clarke and his wife Debbie established Landmark Homes in Tauranga almost 40 years ago.

In that time they have built a reputation for honesty and quality in everything they do.
After starting out with their own building company in the early ‘80s, the Clarkes began creating their own engineered designs. Their vision was to offer “something more exciting” than the average home: a home that made creative use of space but was also beautiful to live in.

It was clear that they had found a niche, so they built their first showhome and later launched their own brand: Landmark Homes. Landmark Homes are now renowned for their incredible quality, value for money, service, design and workmanship.

“With Landmark, it’s our job to help you to define and refine the house of your dreams. Our team journey with you through this process.”

Paul is a long standing member of the Registered Master Builders and has been on several industry-related committees, including Chairman of Master Build Services (Masterbuild Guarantee company), Chairman of the National Housing Committee, President of Tauranga Association Master Builders and Board Member of the Housing Industry Group. He has also held key roles in helping both builders and Territorial Authorities manage various changes to the New Zealand Building Act. Paul is a Life Member of the Tauranga Registered Master Builders Association.

Paul shares his wealth of knowledge with his franchisees, from initial pricing right through to the delivery of a new home.

Debbie is the visual side of Landmark Homes. With an interior design qualification and many years in a sales position in the Tauranga business, Debbie has created much of Landmark’s marketing material, including the Landmark Books, the design plan collections and ongoing new plan development. She continues to drive Landmark’s branding, training and support, as well as website development, maintenance and promotion.

From the beginning, Paul and Debbie understood the importance of great systems. After establishing the Landmark brand they worked hard to build systems and quality controls that utilised their suppliers in the best way possible. This has been the underpinning of Landmark’s success.

“The Landmark point of difference is not just in building a house to live in, but building a home of stunning quality that people feel proud to own…”
By November 2005, they had created a comprehensive procedure manual and an extensive compilation of their standard forms. The Clarkes then launched their national franchise with a goal of establishing at least 24 landmark franchises throughout New Zealand.

They then established national supply agreements with a number of major suppliers in New Zealand, securing the best possible buying power and support for Landmark franchisees. This included the renowned ‘Showhome Support Package’.

The impressive growth of Landmark’s franchisees is in large part thanks to the comprehensive formula established by Paul and Debbie. Their original systems have been fine-tuned over the years through feedback from their franchisees, and continue to improve as Landmark grows.

The Landmark point of difference is not just in building a house to live in, but building a home of stunning quality that people feel proud to own. Even today, Paul and Debbie  continue to bump into clients whose homes they built many years ago, and find that they are still living in the same house. The feedback is always the same: “We love living in that house!”

Our National Team

Landmark Homes is taking the developing COVID-19 situation seriously and has put policies in place to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. As of today, our office has closed and where possible, our team is working remotely from home.  Where possible, our business continues as usual, with our staff available on the usual phone numbers & email addresses.

Paul and Debbie offer many years of experience to both support and assist their franchisees to grow strong successful businesses. They are supported by their team at the National office in Tauranga:

Amanda Scott

Franchise Manager

021 562 756

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Amanda Scott has been with Landmark's national office since 2007, which is no small feat. And that's probably because when it comes to business, they don't come much more committed, in a take-no-prisoners, singular focus kind of way than Amanda. It didn't surprise us to discover that before joining Landmark Amanda worked in dentistry. That's a no-fuss industry too. There's no pulling teeth at Landmark though — our clients, as well as our staff, want to be here. It's not all about building new homes for Amanda though. Outside of the office, it's the simple things in life that get Amanda up in the morning — a hot, black coffee; a curry or nachos; spending time with her amazing son. We asked Amanda what she's reading right now. 'Emails,' she said. Which says a lot about Amanda’s commitment. And when she retires? 'I'm going to spend more time at the gym.'

Chris Kelly

National Sales Manager

021 041 4909

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Family is core to everything Chris Kelly does. You could say it’s key to the success of Landmark’s National Sales Manager. Whether it’s helping people design their dream home or contemplating what retirement will look like or thinking about his biggest achievements, family is at the top of the list. It isn’t a surprise to learn that before he joined Landmark, Chris was a stay-at-home dad. Chris’s dream client is a family driven, good communicator who likes change and is understanding. His own dream home has a big flat backyard, an outdoor social area, and four bedrooms, is near a golf course and tennis club and within walking distance to friends’ houses. Sounds perfect! It’s how Chris hopes to one day look back on his life that is most telling: “For my wife and I to be the coolest grandparents, and to spend time doing activities together with no complications. Also, never missing happy hour in our household.”

Accounts/General Enquiries

National Team

07 578 2295

Steve Bunyan


027 217 9509

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Steve Bunyan would have been a performer in another life, and for those who know him this comes as no surprise. You don't have to be a maestro to be an entertainer. And while Steve says he sucks at piano, his favourite thing is still his collection of piano music, because 'I want to be an amazing performer and entertainer but it isn't really my thing.' There are different ways to entertain though, and for Steve the same impulse comes out in hospitality, friendship, a great marriage and making the most of life. It comes out in Steve's idea of a dream home too: 'A five-bedroom rural home overlooking the ocean with three living areas and with a shared pool, tennis court and golf course that five of our best friends each have a slice of.' We asked Steve who inspires him. His answer? Henry Ford. No surprise there either. When they asked Henry Ford for a faster, stronger horse, he was able to imagine what they really needed: a car. And that's Steve down to a (Model) T.

Shelley Begg

Marketing Manager

021 790 914

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We think it's a good thing when our employees have rich and exciting lives out of the office — and that's certainly the case for Shelley Begg, who loves nothing more (apart from hubby Darryl) than her wake surfboard. And that's because she loves nothing more than spending hours on the water, water-skiing, wake-boarding and wake-surfing. If she wasn't Landmark's marketing manager, that's where she'd be, all day every day. No surprise then that Shelley's dream home is also on the waterfront — either at the beach or the lakeside. It's where she draws her inspiration — that and her sister Tracey, who is a pilot for an international airline after a long slog to get to the top in a man's world. That pretty well describes Shelley too: fiercely determined in everything she does — especially on the water. 'It is the epitome of our life outside work,' she says. 'Fun, laid back, spending time with friends, and doing stuff.' Sounds ideal.
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