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  • Karapiro 4 bedroom house design Landmark Homes builders hamilton

    Karapiro Design

    Easy family living is the priority for this classic style home, comfortable situated in town or country.

    Size: 256.0m²

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  • Central Otago Home

    Central Otago

    Design & Build

    This beautiful home fits perfectly into the Central Otago environment with the use of local schist in the pillars & chimney’s.

Getting started

Creating your dream home is easier than you think. Landmark Homes helps people like you every day, achieve their vision and own the home they’ve always wanted.

Get your new build started today

Creating your dream home is easier than you think. Landmark Homes helps people like you every day, achieve their vision and move into the home they’ve always wanted. Read up on our top tips to get started on your journey towards a Landmark home.

When you build with Landmark Homes, be it Design and Build, Ready To Build or Remove and Rebuild we have everything you need.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your new build started today

Our mission is to guide you through the various stages, to accommodate your needs and to shape your ideas into reality using the best house builders and the latest new build house plans.

The Landmark build process

We know lifestyles are varied, so what you expect from your home is unique to you. We have a proven methodology that establishes what's important to you and how you live and then we express that through the design.

We listen intently to understand how you live
landmark homes builders new zealand understand you

We know lifestyles are varied, so what you expect from your home is unique to you. We have a proven methodology that establishes what’s important to you and how you live and then we express that through the design. We not only look at all facets of your design scrapbook to develop and enhance key themes, we also ask a series of proven questions that help elicit what your priorities are. This way of working has proven itself invaluable time and time again, particularly at juggling family priorities.

Our streamlined systems have been developed over decades
landmark homes builders new zealand process

Getting it right first time, every time takes persistence and commitment. We have proven our commitment to building beautiful, high quality homes throughout New Zealand for more than 35 years. During your new home build project, this translates into everything from being able to accommodate variations with ease, and handling all the red tape that goes with building, and maintaining good relationships with all our partners to ensure your expectations are met every time.

Choosing your section
landmark homes builders new zealand sections

Landmark has local consultants throughout New Zealand.

Our local knowledge means we know where to find the best sections, or, we can connect you with the right people in your area.

  • Contact your local Landmark consultant
  • Organise your FREE site visit by your local Landmark consultant to discover Landmark  designs that suit the site.
  • Download your FREE 26 point Site Buying Guide.
Deciding on your design
Karapiro 4 bedroom house plan Landmark Builders NZ

Landmark has local consultants throughout New Zealand.

We help you design and build a home that’s full of your ideas, dreams and desires, while making sure that all the practical considerations are taken care of. We offer three build options:

  • ‘Ready to Build’ designs take advantage of a flexible design process to enable you to customise your very own Landmark;
  • Our unique 'Design and Build’ lets you bring your vision to fruition and offers the perfect solution for a special or a challenging site;
  • ‘Remove and Rebuild’ allows you to remove your old house, and rebuild a new one, retaining the neighbourhood you love, while getting the house you deserve.
Making your finance work
landmark homes builders new zealand finance available

Our ‘Finance Heroes’ can help make your new home a reality.

A barrier to building is paying for your current home while paying the mortgage on your new one.  Newbuild Finance can help you to  avoid paying rent, or two mortgages, while your house is being built.

Our ‘Finance Heroes’ can help you make your home achievable. They know how to make every dollar count. and they are by your side throughout the journey, and can assist you with:

They’ll help you:

  • Avoid paying two mortgages while your house is being built;
  • Organise a mortgage with as little as 5% deposit;
  • Organise all the progress payments for you, during the build.
House and land packages
manuwai 4 bedroom house design landmark builders nz

New-build house and land packages offer you everything you need, in one simple package.

The benefits are:

  • The home design is chosen to best suit the section;
  • A suggested home design is provided for you to customise;
  • If you’re selling a section, it can be easier to sell as part of a house and land package.
Timing and the build process
landmark homes builders new zealand timing and process

Whether it’s your first or fifth build, we guide you through the whole process and make sure you always feel up to date.

We achieve this by:

  • Open communication that keeps everyone up to speed;
  • Giving you options and choices throughout the process;
  • Making it easy (and fun)!
Find your local Landmark
landmark homes builders tauranga bay of plenty map

We have Landmark offices and Showhomes throughout New Zealand.

Contact us to:

  • Request a site visit;
  • Request a consultation about design options you are considering; or feel free to ask us any question you may have about building your new home!
Project Evaluation
landmark homes builders nz remove and rebuild
Step 1

An initial site assessment helps us understand the best use of your site. This is valuable information providing you insight for purchasing a site or if you already own, the knowledge to get started. The assessment looks at:

Whether it’s possible to relocate or remove buildings successfully.

What is the best use of the site, including Local Authority laws and permitted site use.

Surveying for any site restrictions or covenants. This includes obtaining ‘existing use’ benefits where possible.

Assessing potential hazardous material that may pose a limitation for a remove and rebuild project.

Once this initial assessment is complete, the real planning can begin.

landmark homes builders new zealand remove and rebuild
Step 2

The planning process consolidates the best approach for you and for the unique characteristics of the site. We listen to your ideas and plan for creating your dream home on the site chosen for re-development. This is one of the most enjoyable stages of the process.

Our advice is led by your vision, combined with the strong foundation created by the evaluation work already completed.

Ready to Build designs are adapted to your needs, showing you the site plan, where the new home is to be positioned as well as important details such as driveways, paving and landscaping.

The Design and Build process gives you full creative design brief covering every possibility including the overall project investment.

landmark homes builders nz remove and rebuild
Step 3

Once we are both happy with the Design Brief, the design process begins with full consideration of your budget.

The design work is completed to Concept Plan stage including the floor plan, site plan, 3D images and a detailed cost estimation.

You approve the plan before consent plans are produced and the quote for a fixed price contract is completed.

landmark homes builders nz building process
Step 4

The build stage of the project can now commence, as our teams work to established project plans to bring your vision to life.

You are involved as much as you want to be across this stage, or you can relax and simply wait for the phone call to pick up the keys to your new Landmark Home.

Contact Us
landmark homes builders nz contact us
Step 5

CONTACT US today to discuss your ideas or start your own Remove and Rebuild project straight away!

Our Landmark Remove and Rebuild team love the unique challenges each site presents and then creating possibilities for our clients. Talk to us, we’ll help move you closer to what you want.

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