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Remove and rebuild

You want to own a new home, but without the stress of a move and losing the things you love about where you live. We listened. We can now help you remove your old house and rebuild a new one, keeping the neighbourhood you love while getting the house you deserve.

Move into your preferred suburb

The best suburbs tend to also be the most established. That means that finding a site available to build on, in an established suburb is almost impossible. Renovating isn’t for everyone, and sometimes presents more unknowns than many buyers would like to be exposed to. Yet, to live in a desirable suburb with attributes like school zoning, north facing sun, great shopping and strong community, there is a way forward. We help customers find locations in established, desirable suburbs that, with a different approach, can deliver to an exacting home specification and street locality for you.

Keep the neighbourhood you love

Moving home can be stressful. Much of the stress isn’t caused by the move itself, but from having to say goodbye to a way of life and surroundings, then having to adjust to a whole new neighbourhood away from what you’ve grown to love.

Sometimes it’s as simple as keeping the established garden or as practical as maintaining the school zoning. It’s all possible while enhancing how you live with the latest appliances, powerpoints exactly where you’ll use them, fabulous water pressure with instant hot water and as much or as little home technology as you need.

The financially sound option

With every Landmark Home, the build cost is known before the first length of timber is cut. This is easy for us because every component of a new home is measured at the design stage. This approach avoids the unknowns that renovating might unearth. The financial common sense doesn’t end there. New houses ensure maximum resale value for your investment, sometimes a new home home on part of the land could effectively cost you nothing.

The remove and rebuild process

Desirable suburbs provide the opportunity to maximise your new locations potential, as stunningly designed homes tend to fit right in. If a truly unique design is part of your vision, we will help bring yours to life. The Landmark Homes Design and Build system confidently guides you through the process from start to finish, achieving the individual design you have in mind in 5 easy steps.

The remove & rebuild steps

From the initial site assessment through to the final new build, you are right there alongside us. First off, the assessment tells us what’s possible on the site, then we do some planning together, listening to your ideas and what you want from the redevelopment. Once we’re both happy with the design brief, it’s time to remove and rebuild!

Project Evaluation
landmark homes builders nz remove and rebuild
Step 1

An initial site assessment helps us understand the best use of your site. This is valuable information providing you insight for purchasing a site or if you already own, the knowledge to get started. The assessment looks at:

Whether it’s possible to relocate or remove buildings successfully.

What is the best use of the site, including Local Authority laws and permitted site use.

Surveying for any site restrictions or covenants. This includes obtaining ‘existing use’ benefits where possible.

Assessing potential hazardous material that may pose a limitation for a remove and rebuild project.

Once this initial assessment is complete, the real planning can begin.

landmark homes builders new zealand remove and rebuild
Step 2

The planning process consolidates the best approach for you and for the unique characteristics of the site. We listen to your ideas and plan for creating your dream home on the site chosen for re-development. This is one of the most enjoyable stages of the process.

Our advice is led by your vision, combined with the strong foundation created by the evaluation work already completed.

Ready to Build designs are adapted to your needs, showing you the site plan, where the new home is to be positioned as well as important details such as driveways, paving and landscaping.

The Design and Build process gives you full creative design brief covering every possibility including the overall project investment.

landmark homes builders nz remove and rebuild
Step 3

Once we are both happy with the Design Brief, the design process begins with full consideration of your budget.

The design work is completed to Concept Plan stage including the floor plan, site plan, 3D images and a detailed cost estimation.

You approve the plan before consent plans are produced and the quote for a fixed price contract is completed.

landmark homes builders nz building process
Step 4

The build stage of the project can now commence, as our teams work to established project plans to bring your vision to life.

You are involved as much as you want to be across this stage, or you can relax and simply wait for the phone call to pick up the keys to your new Landmark Home.

Contact Us
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Step 5

CONTACT US today to discuss your ideas or start your own Remove and Rebuild project straight away!

Our Landmark Remove and Rebuild team love the unique challenges each site presents and then creating possibilities for our clients. Talk to us, we’ll help move you closer to what you want.

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