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Ready to Build: Timeless style never goes out of fashion

Jul 27, 2018

When Colin and Jude Morrison found the home of their dreams, they never imagined it would be some 300-plus kilometres away from where they would build.

While visiting Auckland, the Taranaki couple were captivated by a Landmark Homes showhome in Karaka. Built using the Akaroa plan, the showhome showcased all the features they were after in a place of their own: a timeless design which would look as iconic now as it will in years to come.  

ready to build Brookside plan 3 bedroom home

So when it was time to build the home of their dreams three years later, they contacted Landmark Homes to make it happen. The couple had purchased a piece of land overlooking the New Plymouth Golf Club (Ngamotu), and Colin and Jude set out to find a plan that not only gave them the style they liked but also suited their space and maximised the location’s features.

 “We were looking for a plan that caught sun from sunrise to sunset and showcased the views of the golf course as it is a beautiful spot that looks more like a park,” says Colin.

 “So when we saw the Brookside design we thought, ‘Wow, this will work perfectly.’”

 The three-bedroom Brookside is open living at its finest, with a large kitchen and dining area, as well as a comfy corner seat in the kitchen for warm, comfortable breakfast dining. Plus, the timeless style of its linea weatherboard exterior and outdoor entertaining areas really appealed to Colin and Jude.

 It turns out that the Brookside design was created by Landmark as a single-level version of the Akaroa design that Colin and Jude so loved.

 “Our landscape planner said, ‘This house looks like it has been planted here 50 years ago’. That’s what attracted us to it – it’s stunning now and will still be stunning in 20-plus years’ time.”

Brookside 3 bedroom house design Landmark Homes builders taranaki

 Both retired, Colin and Jude love to entertain and have friends and family around, so they liked the spacious feel and welcoming space to suit their lifestyle.

 Looking to enhance this further, they worked closely with Scott Vile from Landmark Homes Taranaki to make modifications and design tweaks. This included changing the entranceway to showcase the golf course views as soon as you walk through the door and switching the bedrooms from the southern side to northern to make the most of the daylight.

 But one of the biggest changes was to the outdoor area.

 Colin says, “We wanted to create a sheltered outdoor area to the golf course, because there is a prevailing westerly wind.

  “Scott and his team came up with a concept whereby they extended the northwestern corner of the house and glassed it in such a way that when you look from the west this structure looks like an integral part of the home. It’s our ‘outdoor’ room. There’s a nice flow.

Brookside 3 bedroom house design Landmark Homes builders taranaki

 “The team were so accommodating and helpful. It was a smooth process to get such a big change done, and they took our vision and made it a reality.”

 The Morrison’s home was Landmark Homes Taranaki’s first Landmark in New Plymouth and in the first year, while Scott was establishing his showhome, they welcomed other home builders to pop in and have a look.

 “It created a lot of interest,” says Colin. “There were lots of drive-bys and even now people come in off the street saying, ‘We love your house, can we come in and look around?’

 “We’re so proud of our home; it is exactly what we wanted.”

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