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landmark homes builders palmerston north wanganui manawatu
Manawatu - Whanganui

This region in the lower half of the North Island whose main population centres are the cities of Palmerston North and Whanganui.

Palmerston North city expanded as an educational centre and a supply centre for the surrounding rural hinterland. It became a city in 1930. The other major urban area is Wanganui/Whanganui, and other urban centres in the region include Feilding, Marton and the smaller towns of Bulls, Taihape, Ashhurst, Turakina, and Sanson.

City life does not dominate, as half the population lives outside a large urban area, over a third in small towns or rural areas. While manufacturing has become an important part of the economy, most businesses are agriculturally based. The dominance of agriculture, combined with the relatively small scale of most urban areas, gives a rural quality to the region. The rugged interior has become one of the main training areas for New Zealand’s defence force, who maintain several bases in the region.

The Manawatu-Whanganui lifestyle is one of affordable easy living. Beautiful homes, short commutes, and stunning scenery make this region the perfect place to live. The friendly community is made up of people from a variety of cultures, and residents enjoy the active city life of Palmerston North, combined with the beautiful surroundings of the Manawatu.

landmark homes builders palmerston north wanganui manawatu
Palmerson North

Consistently ranked among the most affordable cities in New Zealand to live in, and between itself and the surrounding towns of Feilding and Ashhurst, makes the Manawatu Region a warm and welcoming place to live, work and study. Public transport and the easy walkability of the City makes owning a car almost unnecessary, and variety of affordable activities and events available means that a high quality lifestyle is possible.

Throughout the City and Region there are a wide range of parks, reserves, public gardens and sports fields, with 103 reserves and sports fields in Palmerston North City alone. There are approximately 55 playgrounds spread across Palmerston North City and the Manawatu District.

The compact layout and close proximity to residential suburbs and rural locations means most residents’ work commute is only a short ten minute drive, if they don’t simply bike or walk to work.

Palmerston North City and Manawatu is well known for offering excellent education. The schools are primarily public schools, and comprise of small rural primary schools to large city schools. The secondary schools of the Region offer high quality educational opportunities for their students and there are both co-education and single sex secondary schools options.

landmark homes builders palmerston north wanganui manawatu

Located on the West Coast and home to approximately 43,000 people, Whanganui sits at the junction of State Highways 3 and 4. Whanganui is a 2 ½ hour drive north from Wellington; 1 ½ hours to Mount Ruapehu and an hours flight from Auckland.

Most of the city lies on the northwestern bank of the historically significant Te Awa o Whanganui – the Whanganui River. The longest navigable river in New Zealand and once known as the Rhine of New Zealand, the Whanganui River has shaped the history of the city and its people. During the early days of European settlement, it was an important trading centre and the river served as a main highway for the transport of goods and people.

Prominent heritage buildings in the city include the Royal Wanganui Opera House and the Sarjeant Art Gallery. One of Wanganui’s more unusual visitor attractions is the earthbound elevator that rises to the top of Durie Hill.

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