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Creating your dream home is easier than you think. Landmark Homes help people like you achieve their vision and own the home they’ve always wanted. 

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Making your finance work for you

Talk to our finance heroes

A barrier to building is paying for your current home while paying the mortgage on your new one.  Newbuild Finance can help you to  avoid paying rent, or two mortgages, while your house is being built.

Our ‘Finance Heroes’ can help you make your home achievable. They know how to make every dollar count. and they are by your side throughout the journey, and can assist you with:

  • Avoid paying rent or two mortgages while your house is being built;
  • Organising a mortgage with as little as 5% deposit, either as cash or equity in another property;
  • Organising progress payments with the financial institution, for you during the build.

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