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Thinking of building your dream home in Wellington? Find out how the Landmark Wellington team can make your dream a reality!

Windy it may be, but Wellington is a lively place bursting with character. And no matter how tricky those hills are (or the weather!), Landmark Homes Wellington can build you a home that stands out from all the rest.

The Wellington team take huge pride in managing the challenging terrain of their territory. After all, their owner grew up amongst it.

A born-and-bred Wellingtonian, Kim Baldwin took on the Landmark Homes franchise in 2016 just after his dad signed up to build a home with the franchise. It was Kim who ended up completing the design and building his dad’s new home.

With more than 30 years of architectural design and 22 years of project management under his belt – including running his own architectural business – Kim is something of an authority in home design. Unsurprisingly, he’s also their in-house designer.

Wellington’s unyielding terrain makes Design and Build a popular option. Kim says that while other areas of New Zealand have the luxury of flat sites, building in Wellington means grappling with small sections and the sides of hills. Despite that, Kim and his team have the skills to make a dream home a reality.

“When clients come to us with a brief, often the site will have a say in how the house will look,” he says. “We take that design and figure out how to change it to fit the contours of the site.”

Council regulations and other red tape also will affect the finished product, but the Landmark team take care of that, too.

One of the great things about their Wellington office is that it’s one-stop shop for a bespoke build. The team covers all aspects of interior design, from the kitchen to the colour scheme.

“We cover all the basics within the office rather than sending people down the road. We’ve got a really good team of construction managers here. Everyone’s very competent and qualified in their respective roles.”

Wellington itself has plenty to offer, he says – and the property values aren’t too bad, either.

“It’s a vibrant city. There’s lots happening all the time. It’s a beautiful place, especially when the weather’s good.”

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Level 1, 1 Jackson Street, Petone, Wellington
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“When clients come to us with a brief, often the site will have a say in how the house will look,” he says. “We take that design and figure out how to change it to fit the contours of the site.”

Our People at Wellington

Kim Baldwin

Franchisee since 2016

027 442 0742

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Is there a link between good design and good food? Probably. But at the very least there is for Kim Baldwin, who has been the Landmark franchisee in Wellington since 2016. The link is Kim himself, whose dream alternative career is a chef, but who also ran his own design business before joining Landmark, and is still inspired by good design and good food. Kim says he is the most likely Landmark person to keep calm. We have no reason to doubt it. It could come with really appreciating the simple things in life, like his dogs, a good curry, a flat white, and a dream holiday that would take him to a Mediterranean beach. Kim's role as franchise owner and designer gives him a unique perspective on a client's needs and the role Landmark plays in building their dream home. And when he's not working? Kim chills out to music — which, along with good design and good food, is his favourite thing.

Emma Duncan

Sales Support since 2018

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Emma Duncan reckons she is the most likely Landmark person to give you useless information. Of course, 'useless' is relative — especially when it comes to information. For example, Emma can tell you only female ducks can quack. It's probably useless for many people — but someone would find that helpful. Helpful is a great word to describe Emma, who has played a sales support role with Landmark since last year. Her penchant for information echoes her love of books. In fact, her dream other career would be a museum curator perhaps, someone who deals with books and old artefacts for a living. 'When I retire I will be reading books and drinking wine,' she says, and of that we have no doubt. Sounds idyllic. All she needs now is an idyllic home to retire in. 'My dream house is somewhere with a big section and plenty of space for a growing family, a bit secluded.' Now that's something Landmark could help Emma write a book about.

Kane Chamberlain

Construction Manager since 2018

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Kane Chamberlain hails from England and would love to travel back there for his retirement. Perhaps it's why Kane's sense of humour is so off-the-wall (and valued around the office). For example, he tells us he is the most likely Landmark person to — wait for it — use a measuring tape. His dream client is someone who is ... normal. And his dream alternative career is front man to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We're not sure that's on the cards, even though Kane's nominated soundtrack to life is Can't Stop, by the Chili Peppers. When it comes to Kane's dream house, we're right there with him: 'Clean, simple and stylish.' Not quite there with his favourite thing though — which is snowboarding. Why? Because 'it's cold, it's snowy, it's extreme.' Seems you can take the man out of England …

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