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Tauranga & Bay Of Plenty

Thinking of building your dream home in Tauranga or wider Western Bay Of Plenty? Find out how the Landmark Tauranga based team can make your dream a reality!

With its beautiful coastline, mild climate and relaxed lifestyle, it’s no surprise that Tauranga is one of New Zealand’s most popular places to live.

And when it comes to building a dream home here, the team at Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty love making dreams come true.

Carly and Logan Stewart joined the Landmark franchise in April 2017. As Tauranga locals, they’re as passionate about their surroundings as their clients.

Being from a family of builders, Logan went straight into a career ‘on the tools’ when he left school. He then began climbing the ranks of the industry through sales management, sales consultancy and construction management.

A former nurse, Carly handles the people side of the business. That means looking after both clients and staff, and “generally making sure that everyone’s happy,” she says.

Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty covers a large portion of the western Bay of Plenty, right up to Waihi Beach. From holiday homes and beach baches to residential and retirement, it’s a region offering an enormous variety of lifestyle options.

Carly says they’re there for local homebuilders as much as they are for the visitors. After all, everyone wants a slice of what the bay has to offer. “The people in the Bay are really neat. We’ve built a tight-knit relationship with all of our contractors and we all really enjoy working together.”

Their clients range from families and investors to those who simply want to retire in a beautiful home overlooking the water. Although competition is fierce, Carly says Landmark Homes offer much more than just a house – even those with smaller budgets. “We don’t just throw some brick and tiles together. People come to us because they want a high-end quality build, a design that stands out on a street that’s full of cookie-cutter homes.”

Carly and Logan also pride themselves on communication and becoming friends with their clients. “With building, you’ll always come up against challenges. We believe in being transparent, being upfront and getting onto things right away,” Carly says.

The highlight of that relationship is handing over the keys at the end of the build, which they celebrate in the clients’ home.

With a number of stunning homes already under their belt, client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We bend over backwards to create beautiful homes and our clients have thanked us for that. It’s all part of what we do.”

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“We bend over backwards to create beautiful homes and our clients have thanked us for that. It’s all part of what we do.”

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Our People at Tauranga & Western Bay of Plenty

Carly Stewart


027 929 4858

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Carly Stewart has had quite the career, one to which she has brought all her character and colour. Before becoming a Landmark franchisee in 2018, Carly was a theatre nurse at Tauranga Hospital, which is just about one of the most life and death jobs there is. Owning and running a Landmark office may not be quite the same, but guiding people through their own home build is still a major life decision, and it's good to know someone with Carly's experience and quality is behind you. Her own dream home is one she's had in mind since she was a little girl — set in the Oropi countryside (a Landmark luxury home, of course). It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows Carly that her dream client is an overjoyed one — joy is something she likes to bring to every person she meets. Her favourite thing though is her NZRN Star. 'I worked hard to achieve my Bachelor of Nursing as a young solo mother and was proud to achieve one of my dreams.'

Logan Stewart


027 535 2592

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Logan Stewart has come a long way in the past 10 years. A decade ago he was making his living as a carpenter in the Bay of Plenty. Now he's a Landmark franchisee and shares home with his loving wife and five kiddies. Ask Logan what his inspiration is and he'll happily tell you: 'Successful people who never give up.' Logan is one of those people too, which is probably why his dream alternative career is being a sports professional. And if he had his way that would probably involve golf, at least at some stage of his life. 'When I retire I'd like to travel around playing different golf courses,' he says. In the meantime though, it's a simple family life for Logan. Chocolate, black coffee, a dream holiday in a beach resort — they're the things that he enjoys. And his dream house? 'A traditional weatherboard home in the countryside looking over the land towards the ocean.' Sounds amazing.

Donna Phillips

New Home Consultant

027 296 1314

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The hero’s journey is one of the most popular plots in all books and films, and it’s one Donna Phillips is especially drawn to. That’s because the well-worn tale of a character who sets out on a quest and overcomes massive obstacles is one she is familiar with. 'I’m inspired by people who overcome huge obstacles, get up, never look back and keep flying,’ Donna says, and brings that same level of commitment and dedication to her clients’ builds. Donna’s favourite possession is an engraved necklace given to her as a birthday present by her kids. Why? Because it constantly reminds Donna who they are as a family and how far they have come. A Landmark home offers a family that same opportunity to look back and be reminded of their unique journey. And there’s no better guide than Donna, who is ready and excited to share your epic adventure.

Glenn Halls

New Home Consultant

027 704 8023

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Glenn Halls hits the nail on the head when describing his dream client — it's a happy one, he says. It really isn’t any more complicated than that. Glenn knows what it takes to make a Landmark client happy. He's been with the company long enough to work out what he thinks is the dream house: one that's Compact, Clever and Contemporary. A bit like Glenn, perhaps? He's also honest. ''I am the most likely Landmark person to do something dumb,' he laughs. But there's nothing dumb about his life away from the office, and new builds, and clients. He shares home with his wife Nikki and their cat, and says he is most proud of his kids. 'One of my favourite things is my wife,' he says. 'I couldn't imagine anyone else in my life.' When Glenn retires he aims to dabble in art — fitting, since life for Glenn is already something to marvel at.

House & Land Packages in Tauranga & Western Bay of Plenty

Homes Built by Tauranga & Western Bay of Plenty

  • Joe Campus & Jo May say ...

    “Logan and his team from provided us with tremendous support and advice throughout – from the design, planning, selections and build. We always felt confident we were in good hands with open communication and updates during the build (as my wife says ‘A Dream Build’).”

  • Joe Campus & Jo May say ...

    “We also had great confidence in the abilities and trustworthiness of the wonderful team in Tauranga. Our appointed Project Manager (Deane Pervan) was a breath of fresh air. Nothing was too much trouble and his attention to detail was outstanding.
    We are so very grateful to Logan, Carly, Deane and the team in making our dream a reality. Our Rating is 5 out of 5 (Pure Excellence)”

  • Graeme & Rachel McIndoe say ...

    “Logan and Carly went above and beyond to help us have a happy experience moving into our Landmark Home. We would certainly recommend them as they are first class house builders and have a great team working for them. We chose Landmark because they displayed quality homes. Rating. 5/5”