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Thinking of building your dream home in Taupo or Rotorua? Find out how the Landmark Taupo/Rotorua team can make your dream a reality!

If you’ve always dreamed of a home by the water, you can’t go wrong in Taupo, Rotorua or Whakatane. And Landmark Homes are just the team to create your dream home.

With 20 years of building under his belt, Landmark Homes franchise owner Steven Painter knows a thing or two about beautiful homes. Originally from Hawkes Bay, he went straight into a building apprenticeship after high school. He then moved to Taupo to build his parents’ home and never left (and his parents are still in that home.)

After running his own building company for several years, Steven and co-owner Gerry Schumacher teamed up to take on the Taupo-Rotorua-Whakatane franchise.

Steven takes enormous pride in his work. His long years as a Master Builder and licensed building practitioner have proved invaluable to running the franchise, particularly in such a large region.

“Being an experienced builder definitely helps you understand the risks around key areas, and that’s important when you’re speaking to clients,” he says. “I take them through the process right from the design stage and tell them what works.”

The best part, he says, is in creating something truly stunning.

“There’s a huge satisfaction in building a home and knowing you’ve completed something that’s going to be around a long time. Ten years down the track I’ll be able to point out homes to my kids and say, hey, I built that!”

Co-owner Gerry is the customer service side of the franchise. As an accountant and the former Business Development Manager for Landmark Homes NZ, he’s the expert on budgeting and planning.

Both agree that the eastern Bay of Plenty is a great spot. Taupo is the adventure capital of New Zealand, which makes it ideal for the active folk. Whakatane and Rotorua boast stunning scenery and natural wonders.

Whoever bowls into their Taupo office can expect a smile, a happy vibe and a positive experience.

“Almost every one of us has built a house so we’ve pretty much got it covered. There shouldn’t be anything that we don’t know,” says Steven.

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“Being an experienced builder definitely helps you understand the risks around key areas, and that’s important when you’re speaking to clients,” Steven says

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12 The Fairways, Kinloch, Taupo

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Our People at Taupo & Rotorua

Gerry Schumacher


027 289 8170

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Ask Gerry Schumacher about anything, and it's likely the answer will somehow come back to golf. Dream house? 'A house on a golf course.' Brilliant. Dream alternative career? 'Professional golfer.' Of course. Most likely at Landmark to do what? 'Organise a golf tournament.' Not that Gerry is your archetypal golf fanatic who can't think of anything else. Of all the houses Landmark has built, for example, his favourite is ... oh wait ... the show home in Kinloch on the Fairways. Scratch that. How about dream holiday? It doesn't involve golf actually — it's hiking to Everest Base Camp. In fact, his biggest inspiration is Sir Edmund Hilary's conquering of Everest in 1953. Gerry is also into yoga, and wouldn't mind attending a yoga retreat in Thailand. If there's one thing he enjoys as much as golf, it's hiking — because there's something about looking out over an amazing vista. Gerry shares ‘home’ with his wife Penny and three children.

Steven Painter


021 929 414

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Ten years ago, Steve Painter was banging in nails in Wharewaka, only recently self-employed and holding onto a dream he'd had for as long as he could remember: designing homes and building them. When he was very young Steve harboured a dream to fly — but he flies in a different way now, setting lofty goals and making sure he achieves them. It's no coincidence his mantra is: Build to be admired. You could say the same about the character of Steve, a family man and father of 'two epic girls'. The key to Steve's success is the value he puts on relationships. His dream client is a couple who understands the process, is thorough in their design, and who will meet onsite every three weeks to review progress and build and then continue the friendship. That speaks volumes about him. 'I enjoy helping others who want to be helped and put in the effort,' he says. All his clients would agree.

Kristy Portas

New Home Consultant

027 238 9228

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Kristy Portas only recently joined Landmark and already she has made a big impression. And that's because she is so full of life. An athlete and fitness fanatic who was living in South Africa before joining Landmark, Kristy has run the Tongariro Crossing in 3.5 hours and hopes to compete in (and complete) the Taupo Ironman. No wonder she's currently reading Born To Run by Christopher McDougall. As if it wasn't enough to perform at her peak in athletics, Kristy has her sights set on even greener pastures. 'I want to be a Hollywood actress,' she says. We know what you're thinking — how does Kristy get time to do her work? Well, it's easy when you love your clients, who get the benefit of her boundless energy and commitment. When she's not working or running, Kristy is with her two boys, who take turns making her coffee in the morning. So yes, she does switch off sometimes.

Homes Built by Taupo & Rotorua

  • Tracey and Patrick say ...

    “Overall, it was a wonderful journey and we love our ‘Landmark’ Home.”

  • Lynne & Richard say ...

    “We are very happy with our new home and would certainly recommend Landmark to our friends.”

  • C Dewes says ...

    “Our whole building experience was a delight!”

  • Ian and Barbara say ...

    “The finished house has lived up to our expectations and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Landmark Homes.”

  • Steve and Nerolie Palleson say ...

    “We are extremely pleased with the design and finish of our new home!”

  • Susan Neill says ...

    “The entire build was a fun and stress-free process for me…”

  • Carol and Mike Pryce say ...

    “It is a real pleasure to be able to recommend Landmark Homes. From our first contact with Landmark's New Home Consultant Angeleine - whose expertise and assistance sealed the deal for us... we were 'sold' - Landmark was just who we were looking for to build our home!
    In fact, what a great dedicated team they all make - from the Office staff - Mary, Construction assistant Alise; Tony the Construction Manager's attention to detail, right up to Gerry, one of the 'approachable' directors!
    This was the first home we had built - as we had always bought existing homes in the past and we found the whole experience 'worry-free'. Tony (Construction Manager) beavered.
    away to keep the build on track and as a result, we moved in on time and are thrilled with our new quality home. It is everything we need and more.
    Thank you, Landmark Homes we have really appreciated the great experience.”