Central Otago – Queenstown


Central Otago – Queenstown

Office: Building 8, Level 3, 36 Grant Rd, Frankton, Queenstown

Thinking of building your dream home in Queenstown? Find out how the Landmark Queenstown team can make your dream a reality!

The adventure capital of New Zealand attracts both young and old as a place to call home.

It’s where Landmark Homes Queenstown love building for both the local community and those seeking to spend their holidays in the alpine air.

Andy Lawrence joined the Landmark Homes Queenstown franchise in 2017. With over 20 years’ experience in luxury project management, attention to detail is his speciality.

Andy says that Queenstown is the kind of place where people visit on holiday and make the decision to stay forever. The area has many beautiful communities within, bringing together down-to-earth people of all generations.

“The region is abundant with natural beauty. Our responsibility as home builders is to add to this and create homes that are a natural fit in the surroundings,” he says.

With a team made up of building experts from all over the world, Landmark Homes Queenstown are adept at making a dream home a reality. Their territory covers Otago and Southland.

“Working with a unified team of skilled building professionals, we meet and exceed both targets and expectations. It’s refreshing to offer our clients complete peace of mind when being entrusted with bringing their luxury home to life.”

If you’re looking for experienced, quality builders in Queenstown then talk to Landmark Homes Queenstown today.


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21 Flynn Lane, Arrowtown
03 409 2504

"It’s refreshing to offer our clients complete peace of mind when being entrusted with bringing their luxury home to life.”

Our People at Central Otago – Queenstown

Andy Lawrence

Franchisee since 2017

021 547 737

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To say Andy Lawrence loves the spectacular is an understatement. Before joining Landmark he was in the superyacht industry for 20 years,, based in Europe initially as a captain, and then as an owners rep doing builds and project management. That's what we call the high life. The thing about Andy though is that his feet are planted firmly on the ground and people come first. 'My dream client is one you can forge a relationship with well beyond their build,' he says. The whole process of generating captivating ideas and dreams and turning them into a reality is what inspires Andy, and this shines through everything he does. His favourite Landmark house was completed only recently, on the top of Crown Range: 'It's a spectacular bespoke build.' It's a long way from the waterways of Europe and Mediterranean culture to Central Otago, but it's a worldview and an outlook that Andy has brought back to NZ, to the benefit of Landmark clients who are daring to dream big.

Dylan Thomas

New Home Consultant

027 702 7969

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Like his famous namesake, Dylan can wax lyrical when it comes to the subject of quirky love, particularly when the object of his affection is a Porsche: ‘I like the way she hugs the road,’ he says, ‘the thrill I get when cornering and I never put on the radio, as I simply love the way she purrs in my ear. She demands the best and is a little high maintenance but totally worth it.’ When it comes to building a dream home, sometimes it pays to think way outside the box. That’s where Dylan excels. This wannabe quantum mechanic dreams of living in a grass hut on the beach, gets inspired by the artist Gaudi and usually the first on the dance floor. Most importantly, Dylan loves a client who has a sense of adventure and a budget to match. What a dream collaboration that would make!

Trish Dryden

New Home Consultant since 2018

027 702 7969

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Trish Dryden hasn't been with Landmark long but we already know the thing she loves most — the ocean. Apart from her dog, of course. That's a given. Oh, and we can't forget the children. But apart from those things, what Trish loves to talk about the most is the sea, and the beach. It's her dream holiday: 'Beach. Beach. Beach,' she says. Get the picture? It's her retirement plan — actually, it's her non-retirement plan: 'I will never retire. But living somewhere warm by the sea is on the list.' And it's her dream house: 'The Richmond, beside the sea.' Trish is someone who knows exactly what she wants; and that's her dream client too, someone who knows exactly what they want out of a new home. And as someone who is inspired by kindness towards other people, that's a potent combination when it comes to planning and building your dream home.

Jason Shutt

Project Manager

03 409 2504

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Brian Woods

Project Manager

03 409 2504

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Winnie Wen

Quantity Surveyor

03 409 2504

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Leone Ward


03 409 2504

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Homes Built by Central Otago – Queenstown

  • L Woods says ...

    “Working with Landmark has been far and away from the easiest and most enjoyable part of our whole building process.”

  • Deborah and David say ...

    “We are very happy with the finished product and with the speed at which the house was completed.”

  • Susan and James say ...

    “We now have a fantastic new home that we can’t wait to move in to.”

  • G Webb says ...

    “Landmark Homes Central Otago were flexible, willing to listen and understood our vision and requirements.”

  • M Frost says ...

    “An excellent result and a house that I am very proud of!”

  • Ray and Chris say ...

    “We are now enjoying our beautiful home thanks to a dedicated team from Landmark Homes.”

  • Craig says ...

    “We can highly recommend Landmark Homes and their highly-skilled teams of builders and contractors.”

  • A Johns says ...

    “The Landmark team were able to meet my expectations around the budget in a very competitive market.”

  • M Henderson says ...

    “Landmark Homes supported and guided us through the process to meet our specifications and delivered a quality home.”

  • Man and Evelyn say ...

    “We will definitely recommend Landmark Homes to everyone!”

  • Jillian and Rowan say ...

    “Based on our experience, we are happy to recommend them to others.”

  • Phil Dexter says ...

    “We chose Landmark Homes Central Otago to execute the design we established with Mason & Wales. Whilst the build had plenty of complexities to overcome, we entrusted to Andy to deliver a 7-star product (knowing his background) and this is exactly what he and the team have done.
    No shortcuts were taken along the way, they backed their brand and the product, the attention to detail is outstanding and we are very proud of our home and how it turned out.
    I can certainly recommend them to build homes with high-end quality and prominent architecture as they build with integrity!”