Clint Dyke is the director of Build Northland Ltd t/a Landmark Homes Northland and together with his wife Ange, are our franchisees, based in Whangarei, but servicing the entire Northland region – from Mangawhai to Cape Reinga!

Clint is a true Northlander and has a hands-on role in all aspects of the Landmark Homes business. Ange joined the company on a day to day basis in 2018 and assists the construction team.

If you would like to discuss your design and building plans with Clint, Claire or Pete, please feel free to contact them to arrange a meeting or an obligation free site visit.

Our experienced builders will help make your new home vision a reality, whether it is in Whangarei or further afield in Northland.

Franchise LOCATION


11 Southend Avenue
09 438 8499

Our experienced builders will help make your new home vision a reality.

Our Show Home

Currently Under Construction – due to open late 2019

Our People in Northland

Angela Dyke

Franchisee/Construction Admin

027 488 1403

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They don't come much more positive than Ange Dyke. Ask her any question and she's generally got an answer that just makes you smile and appreciate life a little bit more. Favourite thing? Her husband Clint: 'He's my BFF and better half. We are like yin/yang, one without the other wouldn't be possible. He's my happy place.' Most proud of? Her health: 'I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life right now.' Most likely Landmark person … to have a full lolly jar on her desk and get common phrases wrong: 'Have always said, "from the gecko", instead of "from the get-go".' When it comes to her favourite Landmark house build, Angela nominates one that she loved so much it brought a tear of amazement to her eyes. But her dream home? 'My dream home is any Landmark design,' Angela says. 'As long as it has a scullery, big outside entertaining area and all the beautiful finishes a Landmark Home has.'

Clint Dyke


027 459 3321

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Clint Dyke is someone who appreciates the link between a great home and a place for the family to gather together. His family mean more to Clint than just about anything, and his goal in life is to be able to support them into retirement. 'My wife and kids are the best,' Clint says. 'I can have the worst day ever and boom, they come home.' 'Friends and family are my favourite things,' Clint adds. 'To me, support is extremely important when times are tough.' For Clint, one of the best homes he has seen for any family is the Richmond, 'one of Landmark's best designs'. Still, Clint also has a dream alternative career: a charter operator of a game fishing boat in Fiji. It would suit him too. Not only does Clint love the ocean, one of his greatest assets is being able to solve any issue and work through any tricky situation — including out there on the ocean. Which is ideal when it comes to running a successful franchise.

Pete Mullenger

New Home Consultant

021 702 492

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Pete Mullenger's favourite thing is his 8' 6" Surfline custom-made longboard, and not just because his ultimate holiday is a surf trip to a secluded longboard break, like someone from The Endless Summer; neither is it because his dream alternative career is a professional surfer (because he also reckons he could try his hand at being a Travelling Wilbury, and let's face it, that ain't ever going to happen). No, it's because Pete got it to celebrate beating cancer. And that really does say everything about him. Pete faces any challenge with the determination to get over the side of the mountain (or the wave!) He says his dream clients are clients with multiple challenges. Why is that? Because he loves the story of transformation that occurs when that client is utterly satisfied by what we have built for them and with them. That's an amazing quality to have around.

Claire White

New Home Consultant

021 783 990

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Claire White has a great eye for design, and a conviction that anyone's home should be an extension of their character and personality. Her favourite Landmark home, for example, is a bach built in Matapouri that reminds Claire of a Frank Lloyd Wright design. 'I love all its thoughtful built-in furniture and earthy colour pallet,' Claire says. 'I love the way the home shows their vision of what a bach should be, a place that welcomes friends and family. The perfect place to spend the late summer evenings.' At the end of the day, a home should look inherently like the clients, Claire adds. But that's Claire to a T — full of character herself. Her dream alternative career, for example, is working with children and horses at Whangarei Riding for Disabled, where she volunteers every week. She says she is the most likely Landmark person to say it as it is — 'My filter is terrible.' We can vouch for that! But it's something we love about Claire and hope it never changes.

Homes Built by Northland

  • Phillipa says ...

    “I would recommend Landmark Homes to anyone wanting a relaxed and enjoyable journey towards building their own home.”

  • Kare says ...

    “Our new house build with Landmark Northland was by far & away from the best building experience we have had to date.”

  • M and M Lowman say ...

    “All in all, we highly recommend the Northland Landmark team. They are professional, and customer focussed and provided us a level of confidence that enabled a successful project and quality property in a beautiful environment. Led by Clint Dyke, the Northland Landmark team are a great bunch of people who always seem to have a smile on their faces – even when things are tough!! For us they delivered, and we are very happy customers!”