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Steve and Coralie Pollard are the directors of Build Canterbury Ltd t/a Landmark Homes Canterbury and lead their Christchurch based team, both having vast building industry experience.

Visit their showroom & office at 802 Main North Road, Belfast, to have a chat about your dream home, and walk away fully inspired and ready to build your very own Landmark!

If you are looking for quality builders in Christchurch & the wider Canterbury region, talk to Landmark Homes, now.


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31 Prestons Park Dr, Burwood, Christchurch, New Zealand
Wednesday – Sunday: 12pm – 4pm

Walk away fully inspired and ready to build your very own Landmark!

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31 Prestons Park Dr, Burwood, Christchurch

Open Hours:
Saturday to Sunday: 12pm – 4pm

Our People at Christchurch & Canterbury

Coralie Pollard


021 272 2900

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It’s pretty satisfying when anyone associated with Landmark, but particularly a franchisee, says their dream home is the very house Landmark built for them. For Coralie Pollard, that’s very much the case. Built in 2013, Coralie says it’s exactly the home she wanted. Not that she was the ‘dream client’, however. ‘Definitely not me,’ she says with a laugh. ‘Ask the show-home building staff!’ The thing about Coralie though is that she is her own worst critic. And she knows what she wants and sticks to her guns. We actually love that about her — as we do about any Landmark client. It's no surprise that Coralie is most inspired by working mums, or that she hasn't laughed so hard since 'Jacinda won the election against all the odds. Go girl!' That's Coralie to a T. T for tenacious. 'Ten years ago I promised myself that I would go back to school and finish my education. I'm four papers away from completing that goal.' Landmark celebrates tenacity like that.

Stephen Pollard


021 272 2112

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The best way to picture Steve Pollard is as a character in a wilderness movie, like A River Runs Through It, out on his boat, fishing then hunting, walking back to the hut with a deer across his back and spending the rest of the evening drinking wine and eating venison. We're pretty sure that's the best version he has of himself too. It's a pretty rich counterbalance to the life of a franchisee and New Home Consultant. But there are plenty of crossovers. The biggest is that, in a similar way to fishing or hunting, it's the next client that is the dream client. It's the next house that is the dream house. His favourite house is 'the last one'. That's what living wild is all about, living on the edge, but it's also what being there for a client is all about too — giving this one, this moment, everything you have.

Ron Fraser Henderson

New Home Consultant

022 635 3648

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Ron Fraser Henderson's dream house is on the side of a mountain, next to a river, with plenty of snow in winter. Good thing he hails from Christchurch then, where there's plenty of that to go around. It's not just about location for Ron though — it's about nature, the great outdoors, the landscape, trees. It's no surprise to anyone who knows Ron that his dream alternative career is arborculturalist (which is a fancy way of saying tree whisperer). Ron brings that sensibility to his sales role. He believes anything is possible, for himself and his clients — which is why his favourite thing is his library, which reminds him of those possibilities. It's also why the thing he is most proud of is his son ... 'who continues to frustrate, annoy and deliver an unexpected life beyond expectation.' We suspect he takes after his old man, who does exactly the same.

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  • Lois says ...

    “They listened, they delivered, they cared about the post-build follow up.”

  • Carol & Chris say ...

    “A big thank you to all at Landmark Homes Christchurch, you have done a fantastic job making our dream house a reality.”

  • Hans & Nettie say ...

    “We have been guided in a very professional and friendly way through the process.”

  • Les says ...

    “We would not hesitate to recommend the Landmark team to anyone.””

  • Jayne & Tere say ...

    “We have found you to be friendly, patient, honest & respectful.”

  • Esther & Thomas Lim say ...

    “They were extremely friendly, appreciated and listened to our ideas as well as paying attention to every detail. Thank you Landmark Homes Christchurch for our most amazing home!”