Auckland – Central & West


Auckland – Central & West

Thinking of building your dream home in Central/West Auckland? Find out how the Landmark Central/West Auckland team can make your dream a reality!

As long-established West Aucklanders, Warwick and Julie Aldridge have first-hand knowledge of this very special area. Most of their team also live locally, so they have a good handle on what works.

Warwick and Julie started Landmark Homes West/Central Auckland in 2013. It was the perfect fit for Warwick, a builder for 22 years. He has now brought his building knowledge and expertise to the Landmark franchise, from helping with practical design ideas to overseeing operations on-site.

Whether it’s a design and build in Mt Albert or an eco-friendly family home in Titirangi, Warwick and Julie can tackle any design in a distinctive Landmark style. They especially enjoy building homes for people who thought the dream of building new was impossible, or homes where the owner wants to challenge what is possible with design.

“We love that every one of the homes we build is different. We meet some amazing people with very creative ideas, so it’s very rewarding to make those dreams come true. We love to see their smiles when we hand over the keys at the end,” says Julie.

Land to build new is scarce in West and Central Auckland, which means that Remove & Rebuild is a good option for many clients. Although the process of obtaining resource consents can sometimes seem a little daunting, Warwick and Julie have a team of expert removal contractors and consultants to make everything as pain-free as possible.

“We’ve developed some really good systems for the subdivision process in order to create more possibilities and add more value to the property. We know that some of the process can seem quite overwhelming, especially with getting resource consent and other red tape, so we’re there to walk them through every step of the way.

If you’re looking for your next home in West or Central Auckland, don’t hesitate to call Warwick, Julie or their New Home Consultant, Paul Brock!


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We meet some amazing people with very creative ideas, so it’s very rewarding to make those dreams come true.

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Our People in West & Central Auckland

Julie Aldridge

Franchisee since 2013

022 324 9112

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One of Julie Aldridge's principal traits is her strong sense of justice, which is why her dream alternative career is being in the police — that's the force, not the band! That's a pretty important characteristic for many jobs, but it certainly does come in handy when you're a Landmark franchisee. With justice comes trust, and as anyone will tell you, Julie is someone people trust. Before taking on the West Auckland franchise in 2013, Julie was a stay-at-home mum to three boys and helped out with husband Warwick's business. Now she describes herself as 'office manager and whatever-you-need-doing person — mostly just coffee maker.' Her own dream home is a New York loft apartment, while her dream client is 'one who is not afraid to push the boundaries and get out of the normal.' That also sounds like a great description of Julie, who, when she retires, wants to travel more and 'spend time giving back to the community.'

Warwick Aldridge

Franchisee since 2013

027 484 5734

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Warwick Aldridge loves building and always has, having run his own construction company for 20 years. But it comes out in everything he says too — he's the ideal Landmark franchisee because he not only loves the houses, he has a great appreciation for what they mean to clients. 'My dream client is someone that is open to our ideas, trying something a bit different,' Warwick says. 'The Sandringham house was my favourite out of all the ones we have built as there were a few challenges to overcome. Making people’s dreams a reality has to be good.' As if that didn't say everything you need to know about Warwick, listen to how he plans to spend his retirement: 'I would like to help others with the abilities I have been given.' Yep, Warwick is that sort of guy.

Kail Watson

New Home Consultant

027 218 4698

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To say Kail Watson would bend over backwards for his clients doesn’t express the half of it. ‘I’m the most likely Landmark person to do 12 backward somersaults in a row,’ he says, and we’re inclined to believe him. When it comes to inspiration though, it’s fair to say Kail is a child of the world. Whether it’s being energised by nature or inspirational people, or getting lost in great music, or reading an epic novel like Shantaram, or dreaming of a home near the beach with a town and country lifestyle, Kail is hooked in to what makes the world tick. It’s no surprise that an ideal retirement for Kail looks like travelling and exploring more of the world. He brings all that back into his work, which is a huge benefit for clients looking for guidance and experience on the way to building a dream home that dares to push the boundaries.

Paul Brock

New Home Consultant since 2014

027 836 7744

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Paul Brock reckons that when he retires we'll never hear from him again. We're not so sure about that — because Paul knows how to make himself heard. That’s particularly the case with a client, where making an impression is invaluable. Paul is present with anyone he's working with. In fact, he says his dream client is 'the person across the table from me.' And when that client is wanting to build a new home, they're the only person that matters. Before joining Landmark in 2014, Paul worked on warming up Kiwi homes, so knows a thing or two about the need for a safe and cosy house to go home to. His favourite Landmark house is our Mangere Bridge Homestead, which may have something to do with Paul's dream alternative career: feudal lord. See what we mean about making an impression? We asked Paul what he was doing 10 years ago. 'Eating beans from a can and finishing off my degree,' he said. We're happy to say he's come a long way in the past decade.

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