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Landmark Homes is taking the developing COVID-19 situation seriously and has put policies in place to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. As of today, our office has closed and where possible, our team is working remotely from home.  Where possible, our business continues as usual, with our staff available on the usual phone numbers & email addresses.

Thinking of building your dream home in North Shore? Find out how the Landmark North Shore team can make your dream a reality!

With their combined experience in building, project management and human resources, North Shore Landmark Homes are one powerful team.

Paul started his career “on the tools” as a builder over 30 years ago, later running his own business as a project manager. Debbie’s background in recruitment and human resource management made joining the Landmark Homes franchise the perfect step up for them both. Together, their expertise in dealing with both clients and construction is at the forefront of Landmark Homes North Shore. They take great pride in running an office where everybody works as a team and make it their policy to be in the office every day.

The Bretts agree that the diversity of the Shore lends itself to both coastal and rural building options, which means that their clients are spoilt for choice when it comes to building their dream home. Their territory extends from north of the Auckland Harbour bridge and the East Coast Bays up to the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, Matakana and Rodney and out west to the Kaipara Harbour, Riverhead, Coatesville and Kumeu. This diverse area offers everything from baches to rural lifestyle blocks.

Unsurprisingly, Design and Build is their most popular request; one they have down to a fine art. From luxurious beachside holiday homes to elegant country villas, Landmark North Shore has an impressive collection of homes under their belt.

Paul says his background in building has proved invaluable to construction management. “It’s very much what we do. I have a clear understanding of the issues faced on site, how houses fit together, what builders have to do out there and how to understand the contracts.”

Good client relationships are one of their priorities; Paul and Debbie work hard to maintain that relationship throughout. No matter how complex the building process may be, they make sure their clients enjoy it from start to finish.

“Our main goal is in delivering our customers a great experience and a home that they’re really delighted with. We want the client to be over the moon with the result, and that we can sit on the deck and have a beer with them at the end.”

Paul and Debbie love the North Shore for its varied, relaxed lifestyle. “The diversity of the Shore is quite special. You’re close to the city yet you can feel like you’re a world away from the urban environment. You have all the options right on your doorstep.”

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We want the client to be over the moon with the result, and that we can sit on the deck and have a beer with them at the end.

Our Show Home

37 Kano Way, Hobsonville, Auckland

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Saturday to Sunday: 12pm – 4pm

Our People on the North Shore & Rodney

Paul Brett


027 493 8982

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Is there secretly something about the Dude in Paul Brett? Well, he hasn't laughed so hard since he first watched The Big Lebowski, so there's that. But the Dude is a bit of a loner, which Paul most certainly is not. 'One of my favourite things is hanging out with friends and chewing the fat,' he tells us. 'I'm energised in people's company.' So, not really the Dude then. However, there is something calming about Paul, despite the busy-ness of being a franchisee. He joined Landmark in 2008. In fact, when we asked Paul what he was doing 10 years ago he didn't really have to think about it. 'I was one year in with Landmark Homes and building a team to take us forward.' Team, people, friends ... that's what it's all about for Paul. Oh, and the villa in the South of France (as a dream holiday) — something the Dude never would have dreamt of.

Debbie Brett


027 545 0018

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Happiness, keeping calm, carrying on when all around her is crazy ... that's Debbie Brett to a T, who is the first person you want around when there's a giant task to be done. Perhaps her dependability and calming influence come from the things that have meant the most to her throughout life, such as marriage and family, but also fantastic memories of holidays at the beach. 'As a kid growing up in Hawkes Bay, our family went to the beach or river most summer weekends. I guess it's in my DNA. I love to get outdoors in the fresh air.' That's also why her retirement dream is to spend a lot more time travelling and being able to take beach walks ... on weekdays! Speaking of travel, that's her dream alternative career too — travel agent. Travel and new adventures are what inspire Debbie the most … apart from Landmark clients who absolutely love their new home.

Jarrod Angove

New Home Consultant since 2013

027 706 7619

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If there's any truth to the truism 'Big is beautiful', it's embodied by Jarrod Angove. Jarrod is BIG. Not just tall, but big. Big shoulders. Big heart. Big family (seven kids, crikey). And a big vision. 'When I retire I plan to keep giving back to things that are BIGGER than me,' Jarrod says, with his customary big smile. And you believe him. Because if there's one thing anyone who works with Jarrod knows, he's big on integrity, authenticity, honesty. His dream home is one big enough to house his family, and one that can also entertain their friends. Which means it has to be huge. Because, as Jarrod says, 'My dream client is a better friend once we've finished building their home.'

Steve Garvey

New Home Consultant/Architectural Designer since 1975

021 333 516

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If Bruce Springsteen was born to run, Steve Garvey was born to build. Like Bob the Builder, except, you know, human. It doesn't take much to get Steve talking about a great build, and if you give him five minutes he'll be telling you all about the Wilson house at Takahoa Bay, a design he's particularly proud of. And as an architectural designer, it's a good thing that he's proud of his own work. 'What's your dream house?' we asked Steve. 'The Wilson house,' he said. 'It's taken,' we reminded him. 'By the Wilsons.' 'Okay, the Wilson house ... in a less remote location.' Whether he's watching TV or listening to clients, Steve's always looking for inspiration ... the next piece of exceptional architecture, or people overcoming their fears and achieving in exceptional circumstances against the odds. That's the sort of guy he is. And it says everything about the quality of his work.

Dee Payne

New Home Consultant since 2004

027 447 5980

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For someone who's so inspired by NZ scenery, Dee Payne sure has one eye on the world and the many places she'd still like to visit. Perhaps that's why she does what she does so well — she's not afraid to try new things and experience what the world has to offer. 'I love to travel, Dee says. 'My pack has gone with me to far flung corners of the globe, and my biggest life challenges have come with some of my travel.' Dee is just as passionate about delivering the best possible building experience. With her residential building experience and a lengthy legal career in her previous life, her drive is the desire to achieve the best outcomes for her clients and handing over the key to a new home that her clients and their families and friends will love to live in for years to come. We asked Dee what she's reading at the moment. She said, 'Nothing — I'm having a breather between Game of Thrones book 1 and 2.' Hey Dee! Don't bother going any further ... we all know the ending.

Homes Built by North Shore & Rodney

  • Mike & Andree say ...

    “We would recommend Landmark to anyone who wishes to build a high-quality home, with a team of friendly professionals.”

  • Grahame & Claudia Struthers say ...

    “Thank you to the team at Landmark for our lovely home. It has been such an easy experience that were we to build again, Landmark would be our choice. The staff and everyone associated with the build has been knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with. We initially chose Landmark because of the quality of their homes and certainly haven't been disappointed. Thank you again!”

  • Paul & Glenis Robinson say ...

    “After a reasonably rigorous selection process, we chose Landmark Homes to design and build our new home in Manly, Auckland. Their build quality is outstanding, and we have found them an easy company to deal with. Their people have been great, and as we move into our home we are happy to advise that we would go back to Landmark [Build North Auckland] if we were looking to build again.”