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Let us bring your dream to fruition. With our design expertise and a melding of design principles, practical use of your section, light and spaces we look forward to working closely with you on this exciting option. If you are having difficulty getting started, here are some practical hints to get you on your way.

Invest in a scrapbook.

Sectionalise it into living spaces, sleeping spaces, kitchen, bathroom, outside living. Add areas for newspaper and magazine clippings on furniture you love, a roof you may covet, a pool area you can almost see yourself in. Lights, staircases, exterior finishes, floor coverings, room layout – absolutely everything that takes your fancy. Sometimes when you’re designing or even at the finishing stage of your new home, you will get sidetracked or swept up in new ideas. Take stock – and a deep breath! – and open your scrapbook. The theme which you created initially will leap out and serve to re-focus you.

Use the internet

Use the Internet to peruse architectural websites, structural features, fireplaces and more, and record the links or prepare a disc to show your Landmark designer if you are unable to explain it in words.

Don’t worry that you and your partner or the rest of the family have contrasting ideas – we are well versed in interpreting them and in fact, find that the more discussion you have around your new design, the more ideas there are to draw on.

Visit your site

Visit your site at different times of the day, spend time in certain areas of it and “listen” to it – both figuratively and literally. While practicalities such as drainage, access to services, day lighting and so forth can and do influence where your home is positioned, by having a feel for the land and how it relates to other properties, you will be able to give consideration to positioning rooms and outdoor living spaces.So, is your scrapbook in order? What are you waiting for? Give us a call and we’ll schedule your design meeting!

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